Tim Neumann

Find Me If You Can...

This tiny (less than 1/8 of an inch in total size) shrimp was blending in a crinoid branch. Off the coast of Dumaguete (Dauin) Philippines

Sawtooth Shrimp

The Sawtooth Shrimp is very small (this guy is about an inch in total length) and not always so easy to find!


This Blue and Yellow Ribbon Eel was out and about posing for me

Atmosphere House Reef Flouro

This fluorescent shot was taken on the house reef at Atmosphere Resort Dumaguete (Dauin) Philippines

Mating Mandarins

These amorous little guys were frolicking above a coral ruble pile about dusk time. Off the coast of Dumaguete (Dauin) Philippines

Foraging Nudibranch

This nudi was cruising across some coral ruble off the coast of Dumaguete (Dauin) Philippines

Whale Shark Sun Ball

Passing Whale Shark blocking out the early morning sun

Silent Flight

This shot of a squid was taken off of the coast of Bonaire. Very translucent and quick moving, squid always seem challenging to capture...

I need a nap...

Tiny arrow crab sitting under a coral head, Bonaire 2011

Fluorescent Anemone

This shot was taken at Digital Shootout 2011 - Bonaire. The color is the actual night time fluorescence that the species displays when illuminated with Night Sea lighting.

Spotted Cleaner Shrimp

This little spotted cleaner shrimp (about 1/8 inch in size) was hanging out under an anemone. Taken in Bonaire, 2011

Bonaire 2011

Digital Shootout Bonaire 2011

Rudder of the Hilma Hooker

This shot was taken during an early morning dive on the Hilma Hooker. The cargo ship sits keel up in about 90 feet of water off the coast of Bonaire

Spotted Trunkfish

This little guy was crusing around the coral heads and sea grasses on one of our Bonaire dives.

Baby Jellyfish

Found this baby Jellyfish off the coast of Dumaguete (Dauin) Philippines

Hairy Squat Lobster

The guy was hiding in the crevices of a barrel sponge and I think I wiped out half a tank of air trying to get this shot

Shrimpy Shrimp

Tiny, tiny shrimp doing his best to hide in plain site, but I managed to capture him, off the coast of Dumaguete (Dauin) Philippines

Clown Fish Eggs

Found these Clown Fish Eggs, with embryos that look like they are about to hatch, off the coast of Dumaguete (Dauin) Philippines